jai ho كلمات اغنية , كاملة وجميلة


اليكم عبارات الاغنية الاجنبية الجميلة فهذا الموضوع تعرفوا عليها


Ai Ho

Jai Ho

I got I got shivers shivers),

When you touch my face,

I’ll make you hot,

Get what you got,

I’ll make you wanna say Jai Ho)

I got I got fever fever),

Running like a fire,

For you I will go all the way,

I wanna take you higher Jai Ho)

I keep it steady uh-steady,

That’s how I do it

This beat is heavy,


so heavy,

You gonna feel it

You are the reason that I breathe,

You are the reason that I still believe,

You are my destiny,

Jai Oh



No there is nothing that can stop us,

Nothing can ever come between us,

So come and dance with me


Jai Ho



Catch me,


catch me,


catch me,




catch me,

I want you now,

I know you can save me,


you can save me


I need you now

I am yours forever,





I will follow,

Anywhere in anyway,

Never gonna…


Jai Ho كلمه اغنية


jai ho كلمات اغنية , كاملة وجميلة